Ashored Innovations, Inc., Receives Continued Funding

“Ashored Innovations Inc. from Nova Scotia will receive $702,000 to design and build a low-cost, commercially viable, and acoustically activated rope-less fishing system for use in the lobster and crab fisheries. The funding will also help Ashored Innovations to further develop their rope-less fishing system, which includes a rope re-spooler and user-friendly gear-tracking software for … Read more Ashored Innovations, Inc., Receives Continued Funding

Northwest Mettech Corporation

November 30, 2009 CoNavigant Enterprises, Ltd., is pleased to announce that Northwest Mettech Corporation has engaged CoNavigant to provide services suppporting a new strategy including technology licensing. Mettech has industry-leading technology for industrial thermal spray applications.

Climate Smart Businesses, Inc.

February 24, 2010 We are pleased to announce that CoNavigant Enterprises has been engaged by
Climate Smart Businesses
to provide financial accounting and business advisory services.
Climate Smart Businesses Inc. is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based social enterprise that was launched by Ecotrust Canada, an enterprising nonprofit whose purpose is to build the conservation economy. Climate Smart grew out of the recognition that the engines of our local economies – small and medium-sized enterprises – have been largely overlooked in the development of policies and tools to address climate change. To find out more, visit

We are delighted to be part of the Climate Smart team.