Investor Relations

If your company presents a unique, compelling opportunity, but the financial markets have not responded as expected, you know you need to look at the way your story is being told. It is not enough to identify a huge unmet need and fill it at just the right time. Even though you are executing your plan flawlessly, the markets can’t respond unless your opportunity is communicated to the right people in the right way.

A well-planned and executed investor relations strategy has the following objectives:

  • It sustains investor support through consistent, accurate communications.
  • It establishes a credible, trusted source for investor information.

CoNavigant looks at your business with a fresh perspective, identifying strategic advantages that can sometimes be lost among the day-to-day tasks of growing a successful enterprise. CoNavigant provides guidance for creating and delivering a compelling, truthful representation of the investment merits of your company. But we don’t stop there. We provide hands-on assistance developing and distributing the materials you need to communicate your unique opportunity.

Several groups of people have a vested interest in information about your opportunity. These include

  • Shareholders
  • Potential investors
  • Analysts, portfolio managers, investment professionals
  • (Regulating authorities)
  • (Attorneys, accountants, lenders)
  • (Employees, customers, suppliers)

CoNavigant understands the needs of each of these groups. We and help you create the message that delivers the information they need and that gets your point across. We develop materials with the needs of your investors in mind, but we keep in mind the needs of all potential users of this information.

Your corporate message can be incorporated into your written, spoken, and web-based communications.